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I love working with natural stone and free-form art. I start with a solid sketch, but never lock myself into just that. I’m always adapting until I’m satisfied with what I’m looking at.

  1. Sketch

  2. Template directly on stone or wood for more intricate design

  3. Cut/polish

  4. Flow with the flow of where it takes me

As long as I can remember, I have appreciated unique & original things—things that I’ve never seen before. That’s what drives me to create and I’m always looking to do something new and different. I’ve lived in Austin since 1994. I started painting on canvas with acrylics in 1990 and have since expanded my creativity to oil paints and mixed media. I have an enormous passion for creating original abstract paintings using bold colors and very often mixing them with black and whites.


When I began working in the marble and granite business in 2001, I was amazed with the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone—I'm continually marveling at what our planet provides to us naturally. I started tinkering with sculpting and carving granite remnants almost as soon as I got into the business. I often caught myself looking at the beauty of a granite slab and having artistic visions of what I could create with it. I started out making small cutting boards for friends and family and then began making states of Texas, crosses, and longhorns. The more I learned to appreciate and respect the fragility of natural stone, I started experimenting with larger, more detailed designs and concepts.


In the last couple of years, I’ve started incorporating different mediums into my sculptures such as mirror, rocks, glass, and light.


I like to start with a basic concept sketch, but I never completely lock into that, which gives my creative spirit some freedom to roam. Ultimately I create pieces that I want to look at and hang on my own walls!

I accept and welcome new visions and inspiration as I continuously look to create unique and fresh designs. After almost 20 years in the marble and granite business, I have decided that no matter where life takes me, I will ALWAYS have a passionate love for natural stone and the energy it carries inside of it. Creating beauty out of something that originates inside our planet is my TRUE LOVE, which I choose to share with the world for the rest of my life!

Thank you! With so much Love and Respect to everyone who shares in the appreciation of my creations!


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